Introduction: Serial Communication Between Android and Arduino Through Laptop Bluetooth


This instructable is about serial communication between android and arduino through laptop built-in Bluetooth. i do not have separate Bluetooth module. so i have decided to use my laptop built-in Bluetooth for serial communication.

Step 1: Block Diagram:

How it works:

1.first, the python file receives the command from the android application through Bluetooth the python file send the received command to arduino through cable.

3.finally,the command(1 or 0 or 2) turn on the pin-13. and confirmation is send back to android application.


1 - turn on pin-13

0 - turn off pin-13

2 - close socket

Step 2: Software Needed:


Step 3: Python Package Needed:

pyserial - for arduino serial communication

pybluez - for bluetooth serial port communication


pyserial -

pybluez -

Step 4: Simple Arduino Sketch to Turn on PIN-13:

step1: upload the blink.ino file to your arduino uno board

Step 5: Python File:

Before run this file, turn on laptop bluetooth

step2: next run this python file from your computer.

download link:

note: before run the android application you need to run this python file. it act as a server and the android application act as client. .

Step 6: Android Application:

before run this app, pair your android device with pc

commands used to turn on PIN-13

1 - turn on

0 - turn off

2 - close socket

application download link:

Step 7: Corresponding Python Output:

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