Shabby-chic Paper Flower




Introduction: Shabby-chic Paper Flower

This instructable tells you how to make a lovely paper flower with nothing more than paper, a paper fastener, a scissors, and your imagination.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need:

Paper. More is better here. I am using scrap-booking paper printables from the net, newspaper, a bit of "linen" card stock, and parchment--yeah, the kitchen variety. It's really cool and cheap. I like to print a different, coordinating design on the back of each printable, mostly to save paper, but it also adds a cool affect if the edges are rolled or curled. Colored envelopes, paper sacks, wrapping paper...

Paper fastener. Those little gold ones you used to be able to buy in any office supply store, but are getting hard to find. Dollar General still stocked them last time I checked. Look in the back of your desk drawer. A scrap-booking brad could look really neat here too, but would be more expensive.

A scissors. Self explanatory.

A blank card. I cut my own.

A hole punch. Optional--I didn't use one, but it wouldn't hurt, especially if you've got thick paper.

Step 2: Fold

Cut a rough square from the paper you choose to be the bottom layer. It's usually best to choose something that contrasts with your card.

Fold the paper in half, than in half again, as shown. The last fold can be tricky. Fold across corner, so that all the folds are on one side, and the cut edges on the other. You should end up with a triangle, like the last image. For convenience sake, we'll call the cut edges side the top, and the point, the bottom.

Step 3: Cut Layer One

Cut the top even as shown. You want to end with two equal sides on each side of the point.

Now the fun starts! Look at the folded paper as on petal of a flower and cut accordingly. Round, square, pointed? It's up to you, just be sure to get both sides relatively the same.

Unfold. If you're not happy with the shape, refold on the the creases and cut some more. Scissors are so much fun!

Step 4: More Layers

Now that you've got the hang of things, make more layers. I went with pointed petals the next time, then followed with squarish ones.

Step 5: More Layer Options

To make sixteen petals instead of eight, just fold the paper in half again. This works best with thin paper.

Step 6: More Details

Fringing adds extra texture. Cut an approximate circle, and make inch to inch-and-a-half cuts around the edge, always directly toward the middle.

You can curl these like ribbon, or "scrumple" them for a totally different look. You can also roll the edges as in the last pic.

Step 7: Stack Them Up

Finish cutting layers and stack them up to be sure you like the effect.

Starting from the top, poke the paper fastener through the center of each layer, one at a time.

Adjust any layers by spinning them on the fastener, to be sure they show.

Step 8: Card (or Not)

Put it on a card, or don't. These make great scrap-booking embellishments and home decorations.

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    7 years ago

    Yep. This is indeed a great way to use up all those scraps of paper that have been in your way for 6+ months:)


    7 years ago

    They are lovely. These would make great place setting cards or gift tags. I have a lot of beautiful paper with just a sheet or partial sheet left - now I think I have found a use for them! Thank you.

    li james
    li james

    7 years ago

    i want to have a try ,so nice .