Hand Made Shirt for Toddler Boy

Introduction: Hand Made Shirt for Toddler Boy

Made for my little guy

( Fabric by burn-out cotton and Yarn-dyed plaid cotton)

Step 1: Handsome Little Guy

Step 2: Picture of Cutting Drawing

Step 3: Pdf Version Cutting Drawing

Step 4: Cuting Pieces

Step 5: Front Piece

Sewing the plaid pieces first

Add front fly of plaid pieces and the underneath front fly

sewing the two plaid pieces with the front piece

top stitching around the front plaid pieces

sewing together the shoulder patchs

Step 6: Back

sew up back yokes with back piece

top stitching back seam

shoulder seaming (pay attention to the inside and outside)

Sewing the collar, Iron the under line of collar for easy seaming with the front and back pieces

Step 7: Sew Sleeves and Done

Sewing the plaid edge to sleeve opening

add sleeves to pieces

side seaming

cut a little pieces of side edges and replace with plaid patches

sewing the hem


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