Introduction: Shoulder Fired Bottle Launcher

this a shoulder fired water bottle launcher. (i take no responsibilty for your ignornace , be safe , use good judgement and have fun!) good use old bottles, fun way to recycle (sort of anways)

for this you will need the following:

1. 10' of 1/2 " schd 40 pvc pipe (only sold in this amount)
2. 1 1/2 "t"
3. 2 1/2 caps
4. pvc primer and glue
5.lotsa zip ties
6. strong two part epoxy
7. 1 foot 1 and 1/2" pipe
8. 1 3/4" hose clamp
9. schrader valve

can all be obtained at lowes, or home depot

Step 1: General Assembly

cut the 1/2 pvc in these measurements: a 3 foot section a 6" section and a 12" section

now arange and glue into the police baton you see below. the front most part is 12" and the handle is the 6" and the back is 3'.

now measure 5 inches down the fron most part and make a mark around the pipe

Step 2: Zipties!!!!!!!1

take your zip ties (i used eight but ended up using only 5) and cut from the nob at the top toward the back 3 and 1/2" (refer to picture)

Step 3: Use Those Zipties !!!!!!

ok now take a piec of tape and lay it flat sticky side up. line up the zipties on it about evenly spaced.
then wrap it around the pipe so the knobs are in the inside and all are on that 5" mark from earlier.(refer to pictures) second picture has to be opened on a new page.then secure them to the pipe using more zipties.

Step 4: Epoxy Time !!!!

mix up some epoxy and rub it allover the zipties.that when it dries it looks like this:(refer to pictures)

when it's dry go ahead and put the hose clamp on it for extra security. some pictures have to be opened in another screen.srry.

Step 5: Quick Release Coupler

cut a 2and1/2" long peice of 1and 1/2" pipe then drill a small enough hole near the edge for some string to go through. this goes over the zipties. then slide the bottle down and the zipties should click around it the slide up the coupler.when the coupler comes down the bottl flies off.

Step 6: Schrader Valve

at the back of the launcher on the cap drill a hole that is 11/32" (allways drill smaller a hole than whats needed when you thread) then tap that hole with a 3/8" thread cutter. (tap and die sets can be bought for like $40 at harbor freight) then just thread in the valve.

Step 7: Rocket

its just bottle with fins . the maximum power to distance ratio using water is acheived by filling the bottle up on third of the way with can add a nose cone too.

Step 8: Trigger

remember that hole in the quick relase? well put some string though it and run it loosely to yout handle and tie it there.(i taped over it too).just squeeze it to launch bottled fury!!