Introduction: Simple Adjustable Portable Spot Light

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Having a powerful portable lamp is very useful in makers life. Of course there are very good solutions which you can buy for few bucks, but time ago I loved to work wood, and I've made this nice spotlight stand. You can attack it on any surface and you can adjust the spot at the direction you like.

Step 1: The Joints

As I said main material here is wood :-)
Just cut four cylinders from an old broom handle, length could be about 4 cm.
Then you need a small wood board, at least 1 cm thick.
Make 6 mm holes in both ends of the cylinders, and also on a side of the board.
I've also glued on the bottom side of the board a rectangle of rubber of the right dimensions, to improve the adherence on any surface.
One of the cylinders has two little hole instead of a big one, they're to screw the spotlight holder, so measure the screws stem to find the right diameter. The groove made with a file is not essential, but it keeps the wood far from the hot glass of the lamp.

Step 2: The Bars

These aluminium rods are from an old TV antenna, they've a diameter of 6mm and they should fit tough in the holes.
Cut four pieces from them, and bend them at these shapes you see in the picture. There is no need to be very accurate, just be sure to have about half length of the wood cylinders before the fold.

Step 3: The Light

The light source is a 12V halogen spotlight, you can also buy very good LED spotlight with the same pins. These particular glass spotlight has a groove on the opposite sides of the stem, and I've used it to make the connection with the stand. Because this halogen light becomes very hot you have to use something heat-resistant. I've cut an U shape from an aluminium plate, which will hang exactly the light on the grooves. Two holes in the plate allow you to screw it on the last wood cylinder.

Step 4: The Wire

To connect the lamp pins to the cable simply use a screw connector, use then two faston terminals on the other side of the wire. These terminals are perfect to connect in on the 12V lead battery, but maybe you wish to use a li-ion battery with different connectors.

Step 5: Assembly

When you have all the components ready, you can assemble the stand. Clean all the aluminium bars with alcohol so they will stand tight in the wood holes. Form the geometry you like more, I've found that my geometry let you fold the stand to a compact size.

Step 6: Ready to Use!

Insert the spotlight in the U shaped plate and if you want tie the wire with a plastic band to keeping it from an accidental detachment.
You then need a stripe to wrap around the base and fasten it on the battery or on another object, I've used two elastics but I've to find something stronger. You also can use a spring clamp to secure the wood board on the table.
Your stand for the spotlight is now ready! You can use the same principle to secure something different from a light, maybe a fan, a mic, anything you want to direct into a proper direction.