Introduction: Simple and Easy-to-build Shelf for Books and Stuff

I made it at TechShop (!

I just took the Wood Shop Safety and Basic Use class at the TechShop in Menlo Park, and couldn't wait to get my hands sawdust-y.  This project was very easy to build/make; perfect for a beginner like me!

Always be safe when using Wood Shop machines and tools.

Step 1: What I Used

1) A board of oak that was: 3/4 of an inch thick, 7 inches wide, and 2 feet long
2) A table saw
3) Some wood glue
4) A brad gun
5) Some brads
6) Sandpaper

Step 2: Cutting on the Table Saw

Cut the board of wood into 3 pieces:
A) 16" x 7"
B) 6" x 7"
C) 2" x 7"

Step 3: Gluing and Clamping

Sorry, I forgot to take pictures for this step!  See pictures in step 4 for an example of how I used the clamp.
A) Put some wood glue on (only) one of the freshly cut ends of the 2 inch piece of wood.   
B) This small piece is going to be a leg, so it will be underneath the large 16 inch piece.  Place the small piece wherever you want the leg to be (but this holder relies on gravity, so it needs to be close to the edge of the 16 inch piece), glued side to the 16 inch piece and clamp them together.
C) Repeat step B with the 6 inch piece, but keep in mind that this will act as an end for your stuff to lean on.  The 6 inch piece will be on top of the large 16 inch piece, and needs to be on the opposite end of the large 16 inch piece.

Step 4: Brad Gunning It

While the glue is fresh and the pieces are all clamped together, shoot some brads through the large 16 inch board into both the leg and end pieces

Step 5: Sanding and Finishing

Sand your nifty new shelf to avoid getting splinters.   I chose to leave it unfinished, but this would look lovely stained or painted too!