Introduction: Simple Bike Trailer

Have you ever wanted to make a quick and simple bike trailor for under 20 bucks, well now you can.   

1. an old childrens bike. old backpack frame
3.steel tubing
4. 2 carabiners
5. the things you use to hold copper pipes to the wall.
6. steel screws

Step 1: Getting Ready

First take your bike and take off the wheels.  then take your back pack and take off the frame. then you are ready to start assembaling.

Step 2:

Now you will want to take your wheels and your frame.  first drill a hole in the frame a little more than half way back then insert the wheel and bolt on. then repeat on the other side of the frame.

Step 3:

now take your pipe and flaten it on one side. then screw it to the back of your bike by the wheel.

Step 4:

now take your coper pipe things (as described in the intro)  and atatch then to the end of your frame and bike and atatch the carabeners togeter.      GOOD LUCK PLEASE COMMENT.

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