Introduction: Simple Firework Ignition

DISCLAIMER: this is for educational uses only, I do not take responsibility for anything you do with this ible

This simple detonator will be made from a Christmas light bulb. I ignite mine with speaker wire and a 9v battery.

Step 1: Opening the Bulb

We will have to make an opening in the bulb to fill it with our pyrotechnic mixture. First make sure the bulb lights up before continuing. We will do this by heating the tip of it with a lighter (about 10 seconds) than rapidly cooling it in water. After doing so the glass is brittle at the tip. Break it with pliers and make sure there is no glass on the floor because you could step on it.

NOTE: The break may sometimes be messy, in this case it is, it will be fine and work like normal. It's just not as pretty.

Step 2: Filling the Bulb

Filling the bulb is fairly simple. All you need is your pyrotechnic composition; you can use many things: black powder, match powder, flashpowder. The point is it needs to be powdered so it easily touches the filament. You transfer your powder into the bulb using a: spoon, funnel, etc. fill it till it is almost at the top. leave enough room for the next step.

NOTE: DO NOT connect this to the battery it will ruin the detonator by burning the filament.

Step 3: Capping the Bulb

We will have to cap off this detonator. I'm using a baking soda/super glue trick. Although you can tape it or stuff one end with a small amount of tissue paper. We are only doing this so the powder doesn't fall out.

Step 4: Using the Detonator

To use this detonator you can add it to a circuit or you can add a lot of speaker wire to it. I'm using speaker wire because I have some. I attached it to the leads on the bulb. this is very helpful because you want the detonator away from you. There is no reason to use this if you are right next to the firework, you might as well use a lighter.