Simple Hydraulic Arm




Introduction: Simple Hydraulic Arm

Hi.This is my first create and there must be some problems so i would be happy if you you give me some tips for my next create.

Step 1: What You Need

Things you need for this project are so cheap:


2-tongue depressor

3-cooler hose

As all the projects you gonna need some tools:


2-hot glue




Step 2: The Base

All right,first we must make a plate for it.It is so easy.First put two tongue depressors in front of each other.The distance must be a little smaller than a tongue depressor.Then put tongue depressors on them to cover them like the image.

Step 3: The Arm

For the arm you gonna need four tongue depressors but it has technique.after you work a little with the tongue depressors you find out that cutting and punching holes in them is not easy.Use the pen to draw a line and then use the cutter on it.The cutter itself wont cut the tongue depressors so use the pliers and try to break it.Use the solider to add the holes.after working a little with the tongue depressors there will be some scraps of tongue depressors.

Cut one end of four tongue depressors and stick them together two by two. Add one piece of a tongue depressor scrap between them and stick them together .Make the second part of the arm like this too but do not use the second part now.

Step 4: The Cylinder

For adding the cylinders you must cut the ends of a tongue depressor and then cut it in four equal parts.Stick one like the picture.then stick the others ones with the distance as long as your syringes.we only need two so two syringes are required.Now add the second part of the arm.I forgot to list the string you gonna need.

Step 5: The Hydraulic System

All right add another syringe to the first part of the arm and a part of the cooler hose between them.There must be air in only one of the syringes.The cooler hose part is a fiddly.

Step 6: The Second Hydraulic

For the second hydraulic we must make the grip.Take two equal pieces of the scraps and stick to the second part of the arm.Stick them to the left and right side of the arm in front of each other.Cut two tongue depressors into halves and two of them to the parts added to the second part of the arm how they look equal.Punch a hole in all the four halves at the same gonna need two bolts two attach them together.Now add the last syringe to the top part of the second part of the arm and attach it to the controlling syringe with a longer part of the cooler hose.Attach the grip to the syringe with string.

Step 7: Resistance

The hydraulic system would be destroyed itself without this part.Cut one tongue depressor into two halves and stick them to the highest part of the first part of the arm where it joins the second part.You gonna need some scraps of plastic.Add one in front of the lowest part of the first part of the arm.Now Punch hole through the second part of the arm and the two halves of tongue depressors and add a rod of metal.In the last part you must add two equal pieces of plastic to the first part of the arm and complete the resistance but i did it with two four parts.

Step 8: Finish

Well i hope i have explained well enough.

Step 9: Thanks for Vivsiting

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I remember making something like this when I was younger. So much fun!


    Reply 6 years ago

    we are making it right now!!!!!

    in science class