Introduction: Simple Knex Gun!!!

I am going to teach you how to make a simple yet effective knex gun. I was making this rocket and the fins broke off. I got it set up again and put a green rod in the bottom of the rocket. I pulled the trigger and it launched the rod across the room with ease. It hit the wall really hard. Here is the gun!

Sorry about my voice the mic on my video camera is terrable.
I dont have a Youtube account so you have to click on the link below.


I do have a youtube account but it is very stupid right now. It is instructabletoco

Step 1: Get the Parts

2 red
3 blue
1 green

3 orange
1 yellow
1 red
1 v grey
14 grey or purple

rubber bands

Step 2: Make the Triger

click a green on one end of the orange connector. Put a blue on the other end.

Step 3: Build the Barrel

Put the yellow connector on the red rod. Put the orange on next. Then 5 grey or purple connectors. Another orange then 2 grey. Slide not click the triger. Then 6 more grey connectors. Then a red connector. Then a grey on the end. Add blue rods on the red connector.

Step 4: Make the Plunger

put the v grey on the end of the other red rod. put a rubber band threw the hole. You could use a grey or black rod instead. That will make it more powerfull.

Step 5: Attatch the Plunger

put the plunger in the red end of the barrel. attatch the rubber bands like said in the pic.

Step 6: Loading and Firing

pull the plunger back past the triger. push the triger up so it blockes the plunger from going into the rest of the barrel. Put a rod in the other end of the barrel. hold the handle and push the triger to the left or right. You can see the firing in the end of the building video.

Step 7: Have Fun

Have fun Have fun Have fun Have fun Have fun!