Sisters and Heartstrings

Introduction: Sisters and Heartstrings

I seen these bears in a book somewhere and thought Hey I can make that I do not know where I got the idea but it was from a book you buy stuff out of. So Here is how I did it. I bought the bears at the dollar tree, then took 2 pieces of material sewed up the side to the arm pit, skipped about 2-3 inches and sewed up across the top to the neck, I skipped enough room for the neck then sewed across the other side. I repeated the sewing for the other side of dress. Then I cut a square of white and cut the opening to the size of the dress neck , sewed it on the dress and embroidered the daisy's on the ends.I used velcro on the back slit so I could close it to fit the bears, then hemmed it. Then I took red felt, (in this case I used my machine to put the saying on there) cut 4 pieces in a heart shape, glued 2 of them together leaving enough room to slip the rope in there and repeated the process on the other one and the little hearts then you can glue or sew them in place. And for the final touches I took ribbon and made a bow and sewed a button to match the dress on one ear. I made these for my sisters whom I love very much and who has been there for me everytime I needed them and has helped me thru quite a few surgeries. I hope you enjoy my picture, although it isn't really a slideshow. Maybe your loved one will enjoy one of these. Have a good day and thanks for looking.

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    There are great bargains at the Dollar Tree. I love these bears!