Introduction: Sliders

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 I believe that sliders origianally got their name in the military and referred to the way the super greasy burgers slide through you, more recently the name seems to refer to any small burger so here's my version

Step 1: What You Need

pretty basic list here, a package of popcan rolls, ground meat and cheese

Step 2: Why ?

I usually prefer a hard round (kaiser) roll for a larger burger but was in the mood for something different. Im not a big fan of so called "hamburger rolls"  and realized the popups are the right size.

Step 3: The Rolls

Follow the directions on the package, of course I seldom follow directions... I like to add butter to the top of the rolls before baking, you just have to be sure and watch that they don't get overly brown (burnt)

Step 4: Burgers

I had about 3/4lb of ground beef and made 5 semi-small burgers, I could have made them a little smaller and gotten more but 5 fit so well in my skillet ! Yes a skillet ! It was 98F in the shade, way to hot to fire up the grill for 5 burgers ! But they could just as easily be cooked on a grill 

Step 5: Build and Serve

assemble your cooked burgers on your rolls, I added some of my pepper relish  and paired the sliders with my potato salad

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