Introduction: Slingshot Tested Goes 254 Fps and Will Go Father Than 300 Feet!

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Well now i know how far it goes and its really far

Step 1: Materials

1:Y stick or branch contaning Y shape

2:2 small bands 2 thick bands

3:ballon string

Step 2: Preperation

Sadly i didn`t have any pictures to show so ill explain...

first find a Y shaped stick or a branch with a Y stick inside.

cut off the branches off and soak in hot water for a day. wait

untill it drys off.then shave off bark.results.

Step 3: Elastics Ties

to tie the rubber bands you got to get a thick rubber band and a small one.then pisition your thick band and loop around it with the small one.

Step 4: Attaching Leather or Pouch

this is the hard part.first u got to get a piece of leather
(or somthin of the same substance)and poke a hole in both
sides.then thread the thick rubber band thru the hole.then
tie with ballon sting (or another hard srting).

Step 5: Results

finish product.