Introduction: Small Decorative Houses

simple small houses made of pallet wood, ideal for decorative or christmas

Step 1: Gathering Stuff

I used waistwood for "the street" and pallet wood for the houses.
there is plenty of pallets to gather for free, and how to disassemble is found here on instructables.

portable drill and drill bits
some screws
wood glue
deco paint, I got 5 colors from white, light blue, pink, purple, gray, pastel all.
Matt black spray
saw, like tablesaw or crosscut jig
battery christmas lights

Step 2: Building Houses

start to disassemble a pallet, remove the nails and cut off nice pieces wood in different heights.

I used both the beams and slats for different widths and thicknesses.

to create the roofs, cutt off 45 degrees on both sides of the top of a house.
that's all, it hasn't to be that straight or exactly, use your creativity and imagination, or just saw.

for "the street" I used a flat piece, and sprayed it matt black.

I painted the houses with deco paint, I Luke the nice pastel colours, I gave them 1 layer which was enough, its also possible to give 2 different color layers and after drying, lightly sand off one to get a rustic look.

Step 3: Assemble the Houses on the Street

I simple pre drilled holes in the bottoms of the houses, and drilled per house a hole in the street. put a screw in the bottom of the street, and let it come out a bit to get the houses easier on. glue a little the bottom of the first house and put on a screw, now turn in the screw and get the house fastened. repeat for all the houses. After that, let the glue dry for a while, and put the lights behind the houses to give a nice shadow!

you can add small christmas balls or snow, or other things for every season of the year you can add it leave things to make it nice.

that's all, sorry for my bad English, I'm Dutch.