Introduction: Small Hovercraft

a simple,free and safe hovercraft model!

Step 1: Things You Need!

u need:
1 a big plastic or paper plate
2 a pc fan
3 some batteries (12 volts)
4 some tape

Step 2: Drawing...

with a pen draw the shape of the fan
if you want to draw something do it now

Step 3: Cut It!

cut the part u just drew

Step 4: Tape It

with tape (or a glue gun) stick the fan on the plate and put the batteries together (so they make 12 v)

Step 5: Put It in Place

i cant really say much ;)

Step 6: Cabeling

conect the cables and hve fun!!!!!!
by the way this is my first instructable... and im mexican so english is not my language.