Introduction: Smart Bicycle Lights


The idea is to placed in the seat of the bicycle flex/bend sensor which transmits the signal to light sensor. If someone is sitting on the seat then light sensor checks whether it is bright or dark outside and if it's dark then turn on the bicycle lights. If no one is sitting on the seat then microcontroller waiting specified period of time en after that time is turning off the bicycle lights.

Step 1: Smart Bicycle Lights Parts


1 x Light Sensor *(Grove – Light Sensor)

1 x Button *(Grove – Button) *(of Touch Sensor of Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR) of Flex/Bend Sensor)

1 x Diode LED *(Grove – LED)

1 x 9V to Barrel Jack Adapter

1 x 9V Battery

1 x Arduino UNO

Cables *(Grove Cables)

* = alternative

(You can find these parts in most basics starter sets for Arduino Uno)

For the housing I use the following materials:

Plexiglass 3mm (cut by CNC laser and then benting)

Step 2: Demonstration Model

I built this housing to visualize the idea...

Step 3: Programming Arduino


Step 4: Video Showing the Effect