Introduction: Snow Graffiti

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everybody knows that there is no christmas like snow christmas,
if you really take a step back and look at all of that fluffy white terrain you can start to see it as just one huge canvas.

the advantages are obvious -
an unlimited diverse space to paint on
soon enough (sooner then you might think) it all goes away
since everything is white whatever you do will pop out
you can kinda go wild though actually not doing anything truly 'wrong'
its cool :)

Step 1: So Where Do We Start ?

well i am almost embarrassed to say but here goes.
you will need :
spray paint

if you really wanna go hardcore:

Step 2: Here Goes Nothing

well, sometimes actions speak louder then words -

Step 3: Going Pro

in any other less festive day then christmas you might consider taking things more seriously
you can use cardboard to make a stencil and create amazing graphics yo
who knows, u might even wanna put a message out there....

Step 4: Happy Holidays

and the best news,
you can keep on practicing every year all over again !!!
aint life grand ?!

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