Snowman Door

Introduction: Snowman Door

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Simple but fun snowman decoration for an interior door. using supplies most people have in their house.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

there isn't much to this. I had everything I needed in the house.

1 sheet black construction paper

1 sheet orange construction paper (I didn't have any so I used red)


pen or pencil a small round object. I used a snack sized Pringles can.

a larger round object. (I used a small kids bowl that I was eating chocolate chips out of while watching the Big Ten championship game. GO BUCKS!)

a ruler

some painters tape or paint safe sticky tack.

Step 2: Make Your Circles

trace two large circles. these will be the eyes.
depending on your door and the size of your small circles trace 8-11. these will be the buttons and mouth.

Then cut them out.

Step 3: Cut Out the Nose

I made my nose 3.5" by 6".
you can follow the blue print in my picture to see how I made the triangle.

measure a triangle 1.5" by 9" (the length of my paper)

then measure 6" out and 1.5" inches down. This is the point of the nose.

draw diagonal lines from the corner to the point. you should have a nice even triangle.

Step 4: Take Your Pieces and Assemble the Snowman.

I put a loop of tape on each piece but you can use command strips, sticky tack.

I made add a wrapping tape scarf but need to wrap presents before I do that plus maybe the elf on the shelf could help me.

final step is to relish how awesome your kids think you are for cutting some circles and a triangle out of paper.

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