Sock Monkey

Introduction: Sock Monkey

what you will need is 3 pieces of poster board,some foam board and 2 tops of folgers coffee cans, a foam peanut and 3 colours of fabric  and if you want some mesh for eyes. first I  put the  poster board in to a circle  the size you want the head and taped it .then I cut out  4 circles out of the foam board the size of the bottom and top of head. then cut of the middle of two of them so you can fit your head through it. glue them together and put them about 3 or 4 " up in side so that you have to cut the poster board so shoulders fit in the cut outs.  I then made my kid try it on so I no where to cut the holes for eyes and cut  the eye holes out . now put fabric on all side but top( I hot glued mine but could glue if you don't have hot glue gun) I took out the peanut sponge and cut it in half and glue fabric to it and glued on to side of head for ears. cut centers out of coffee lids and glue in mesh and then glue over eye holes. grab white or what every colour you want for mouth and cut a mouth out and glue most down but leave a little opening to stuff it so its raised up. just make hat and glue it on. for body I just make a big onesie for body and sew a tail.    

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