Soda Can Grill

Introduction: Soda Can Grill

hello today your looking at the only soda can charecoal micro grill. the items i used to build this are one beer or soda can, a cote hanger, plyers and a pocket knife. the one i biult was in my image but go wiled make it biger make it yours. i took 5 minets to biuled and i warmed up my lunsh with it. NOTE: before using can cleen all liquids in cotaner for health purpuses. the proes about the micro grill: small ,easy clean ,smaller mess, fun to use, and easaly fixable. the cones of the micro grill hard to keep warm sharp edges and can only cook in small porsines ( i cookes an italian sausige on it and got burned). im working on making a larger can the thing i would change is the grate is to low needs to rase and the size i might go up to a 32 oz monster or a small beer keg. but its still a fun progect and helps jr to learn to bbq look for more coming very soon.

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    9 years ago

    Im gonna do it with a big beer kig so it big


    10 years ago on Introduction

    be carefull.... all food grade cans have an internal resine coating (so the foods never touch the metal.
    By burning the can you can mixit with its -toxic- vapors.

    Maybe burning it, without food first, for a while may help to eliminate that layer before using it with food, but be careful.