Introduction: Soda Can Salt and Pepper Shakers

first things first is what you will need for the soda salt and pepper shakers
soda cans of your choice (dr. pepper is my choice) x2
old retro style phone
tooth paste cap
a drill with a appropriate sized drill bit(about the size of the tooth paste cap)
hot glue
salt and pepper
can opener 

Step 1:

first thing you want to do is to get a can opener and cut off the top of the can

Step 2:

the get the speaker part of the retro phone and unscrew it from the body
do the same for the microphone part of the phone

Step 3:

get your hot glue gun and heat it up, with the unscrewed part of the phone (the microphone part)and fit it nice and snug on the top of the can. then hot glue it on

Step 4:

flip the can upside down and get the drill ready, make sure that the drill bit size is the same size as the mid point of the tooth paste cap. then drill the hole in the middle of the bottom side of the can

Step 5:

now every thing is all ready. all you need to do is put a piece  of duct tape over the holes on top, flip the can over and take the tooth paste cap out. get a funnel and put it over the hole and pour the pepper or salt inside. put the cap back on and make sure its nice and snug inside the hole.