Introduction: Solar Water Distiller

The brief of the project was to design a product which would use only solar energy for distillation of water. Due to the initial expense and cost of maintenance these products have not reached places where there is scarcity of drinking water. Also due to the complexity of the devices uneducated and illiterate people are unable to use it properly and hence avoid it. The product development and implementation required more than just a working product. The product should involve the user before and during its construction. The user should be able to built or assemble it all by himself. He should be able to modify and repair it without much technical assistance.The device was to be designed to cater to the needs of people living in underdeveloped regions. The project duration was for five months during which a number of experiments were to be conducted time to time, by the end of which a working product was to be presented. The product should provided sufficient amount of water comparable to its cost of construction and efficiency.

Step 1: Please Download the Pdf Document

The pdf document contains the entire research, experimentation, final design, parts and material, assembly process and instructions for instillation and use.

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