Soler Dish




Introduction: Soler Dish

Solar dish
In the last year I made a solar project  as you see in photos above
in this project the main idea is to reflect the sun radiations on focal line  to heat the water in the pipe at the center of the parabolic reflector based on a iron frame also it fixed on a  satellite   dish holder 

then I add an electrical arm to move the frame to face the sun during it gos in the sky  the motor joined to a electrical circuit that takes a signal from two  small  solar cells  I  built them as a sensors also it fixed on the reflector 

the result is
it heats  100 liters of water in a tank above the set and now it work very well  

note : I will add more informations in coming days               

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    absolute cool! !!!!!
    I do live in south spain, and i am 'projecting a sunfollower (reflecting) satellite'dish - in the focus it should heat up a little spiral coil/copper'pipe, heating up there a media that carries the collected energy to the insulated thermor. The eyes ( photodiodes) 2 for azimut / 2 for elevation 'indicates 'where to find the sun....
    We have here in Spain a full elevation of about 84', and the azimuth is about starting at 60' and ends up at 300'.. The Diff -Amp, the Comaparator, the power stage for the DC Motores and the Logic' works already for one channel... still on breedboard..
    So once again, a really good work - thank you for sharing..


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Good work! But the topic deserves more details, please.