Introduction: Some Idea's I Have to Inprove Many Survival Kits Out There

About: i am just someone that is bored a lot and thinks a lot of stuff and makes a lot of stuff
i was bored out of my skull and i was  browsing the www to find some idea's for a survival kits and i noticed something some things were missing that i whould put into my own survival kit that is atm work inprogress
but maybe these tips will work for you 2 if you are planning on making ur own survival kit ^^

also plz dont go correcting my grammar and spelling because i am really bad at it also i dont use points and things like that because i personally dont see any reason to ever use them 

Step 1: Idea Number 1

i missed some fluids in the kits out there like benzin or zippo benzin or/and alchohol
wy the alchohol 
1. it can be used for cleaning knives or wounds
2. if its 80% you can drink it 
2. excelent for fire starting

wy the zippo benzin
1. better then alchohol for firemaking

Step 2: Idea Number 2

everybody puts cotten balls in their kits or atleast most of the people 
but i think that swaps or whatever they are called are better i sall tell wy

1. they can be used together with the fluidits for firemaking
2. they can be used together with the fluidits for better cleaning
3. you can clean small places onto ur body like ur ears or nose
4. you can take the cotten from them to use seperate

Step 3: Idea Number 3

this one is 1 of the things i carry with me always lockpicks
i know they are hard to use for most people but if you can use them put them in there
   imagine you are in the woods lost and you need a shelter because its gonna rain and you find a shack or a small building or whatever kind of building with a lock (you never know what weerd shit you can find in the woods)believe me you will be so happy you have lockpicks with you and you can use them

also some lockpicks can be used as a weapon

Step 4: Idea Number 4

this one is quite easy its a zippo witch i never see in a survival kit 
 it has benzine inside it
you can carry it in your pocked
can be used in the rain or with heavy wind

Step 5: Idea Number 5

and mp3 player and a Dynamo Hand-Crank USB Cell Phone Emergency Charger
its quite easy WY 
if ure out there a long time its easy to go mental so music or maybe a movie if it suports it can distracts ur mind or can keep you a bit happy while building a shelter or something like that

this mp3 player is from creative and is a quite good one

Step 6: Conclusion

personally i would like to add this

if you make a survival kit think out of the box not just what you read in manuals and what other people do