Introduction: Sony Action Cam Diy Lens Protector for As30/as20/as15

Since sony does not make a cover lens for as15/as20/as30, I decided to make my own. I use mine naked, without the case, when shooting for band practices and gigs. So I need some protection in case it gets knocked off, or drops.

For this you'll need:

1. Gopro cover lens replacement kit from ebay
2. A bottle cap that would fit the lens.
3. some tape for the grip, mine's duct tape
4. saw for cutting
5. glue/epoxy

**NOTE: The lens I bought was ok, thick and seems tough, but reduced a few degrees off the angle of view. See sample pics in the end
** I would have preffered a black bottle cap, but I only had the blue cap that fits perfectly.

Step 1: Cut the Bottle Cap

Cut the bottle cap. We only need a small piece, cut it about 6mm in width. Smooth the edges to look good, mine isn't.

Check if it fits or if you need to cut more.

Step 2: Glue the Lens

Before you glue, check for vignettes. You may want to sand the edges down to move the lens further back to prevent vignette.

I used wood glue, but you could use stronger adhesives if you like. I tried to use the rubber that came in with the lens. But the internal diameter was thick, and I can't push it further back. Because of that it vignettes. So I didn't use it.

Step 3: Add Tape to the Inside. This Serves As the Grip

Step 4: Some Finishing Touches.

Sand down any excess adhesive. I just had to peel, since it's only glue. I did color mine to black because the cap was blue.

Aftet that, finish! See the 3 pics for comparison of with and without the cover lens