Spool Knit Paracord Lanyard




Introduction: Spool Knit Paracord Lanyard

This is my first instructable so let me know how I do. Now before I continue I must give credit to eschmunk who posted the idea but no instructions and Noreen Crone-Findlay on youtube who had the video that showed me how to do the knitting part. Now that is out of the way lets start.

Step 1: What You Need

For this project you will need:
* +-35ft of one color of paracord ( I started with 50ft but I had about 15ft left over because I felt that 50ft made the lanyard too long)
* a lighter (to melt the ends of the paracord so it wont unravel [caution when melting ends the molten paracord is very hot and can stick to skin causing 2nd degree burns so be careful])
* scissors
* a small screw driver (or any small pointed object) to lift cord.
* a key ring
* a circular object with three pegs, i used this screw-in for something that i found while rummaging through the garage, but you can use a napkin holder with three small nails lightly hammered in.

Step 2: Getting Started

OK, first thing you need to do is to insert a short length of paracord through the spool an inch or two is fine, then loop the cord around each peg twice. once you have that done pull the lower cord that is around the peg over the upper cord so the lower cord is now in the center of the spool ( you should start on the first peg you wrapped so you have the more slack ). Now you loop the cord around again and continue the previously mentioned pattern until you reach your desired length.

Step 3: Finishing Up the Knit

to finish off the knit you need to have to pull the last strand you were working on out, then with one peg free now, wrap the free strand around the next occupied peg, loop the lower cord over the upper cord the pull the top strand out like the previous and do the same to the last peg. once the last peg is done remove the spool and pull tight... and now you are done with the knit, now to the weave.

Step 4: Attatching the Knit to the Key Ring

now you need to melt the two ends of the knit together (remember molten paracord is hot and can burn!), then loop them onto the key ring, but make sure to keep the two ends of the knit togather or looping the knit will not work. to keep together tie the other colored paracord around the two at its mid point, now to the next step.

Step 5: Weave

For this step I will refer you to step five in stormdrane's paracord bracelet instructable.

Step 6:

after you finish that you are done and ready to add your keys and ect., hope you enjoyed this instructable and please leave me any helpful tips or help to make my future instructables more helpful.

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    9 years ago

    I used a wire hanger to set up the three prongs for this. it's much bulkier than I personally prefer for lanyards. but definitely strong and good quality.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I think you may have stumbled upon an excellent reuse project for those plastic devices that prevent pizza boxes from making contact with the toppings. Great nod to Stormdrane in step 4.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    sorry about step five, I was running out of time while finishing this instructable and i am very busy now with school starting, but as soon as i get the time i will update this instructable appropriately. thank you for your input and thanks for suggesting that you use those pizza devices, I will fix the rest of this and i have made a improved lanyard that is much more thin and better looking, Will be added as soon as i can.