Introduction: Spray Paint Clogged ?

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you need a nail ,....wait a moment don't drill the can yet,
or,if you have a yellow spray you will paint all your home and yourself of yellow

1- plastic bag
2- little nail very pointed
3- low jar

1° - put the clogged spray paint into a plastic bag
2° - take the nail and with a ribbon wrap up the head of the nail
3°- trow the nail into the bag
4°- wait until the nail will drill the can

Step 1: Spray Paint Clogged ?

now you must take the bag and close the spray and the nail in it,  with the left hand , ( right hand if you are left-handed person)
you must wrap up the can,
with the other hand search the nail into the bag ,
grab  it  in the head that have the ribbon for not damage the bag,

perhaps you don't have understood that you must grab the nail from the external?
or you are thinking how put the hand into the bag?

and now punch a hole in the can ,, if you are unlucky ,you will hit the junction of the can
now you must put the bag with the paint into a low  jar ,with scissors cut the bag in surplus,
under the sheet in the photo there's a jar,
the sheet was a bag of plastic,
the paint is already finished i've used it,

turning the nail you must obtain a little hole, like needles hole,
have cold blood  and don't release the bag when the paint flow out,

i think that this operation is not dangerous, if you use a nail very pointed ,the resulting hole is very little and when the paint start flow you must only wait ,