Introduction: Spud Gun

first you need all your suplies
4'' pvc tube
1.5''pvc tube
end cap for a 4'' pvc tube
down sizer from 4'' to 1.5'' (for these fittings i used 3'' on the 4'' tube)
bar-b-q starter
self tapping screws
cam lock with a end cap
pvc clreaner and activator
pvc glue

hack saw

all the supplies i needed i found at a local hard ware store

Step 1: Step 2 Spark and Filler

first you want to find your desired lenth of the combustion chamber and of your barrel keep in mind though the bigger your combostion chamber is the more hair spray you need to fire it
after you have chosen your lenghs cut them off and clean up the edges with the knife if you were like me and used the three inch fittings bevel the inside on both ends of the combustion chamber 

now that you have your cuts done you can throw away the hack saw (not literaly :)  now in this part i messed up so don't follow the pictures you now can drill the holes for the igniters electrodes to go in then use the cleaner on both surfaces then use the gluethen for safe measures take the screws and drill them through the holes on the plate of the electrodes

now in the picture it shows the filler(cam lock) and electrodes side by side that was the first mistake and the second was the placing of the cam lock the cam lock should have been drilled into the end cap and glued with a bunge on the inside for saftey because when you spray the hair spray it gets the electrodes wet and liquifys on the wall

Step 2: Step 3 Glue It

now put it all together use the cleaner on both surfaces of the end cap and the pvc tube then glue all the cleaned area it repeat this for all the fittings
once it is all put together and set sharpen the muzzel of the barrel, grab a spud, and try it out

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