Introduction: Starball

Gold star wrapped in Starball

Modeled in Rhino 5

3D printed in the Dimension SST1200es

Step 1:

Draw a 3 inch sphere

Step 2:

Draw a star using the polygon tool

Step 3:

Offset the star 1/4 inch

Step 4:

Extrude the stars tapered 1/4 inch at 30 degrees

Step 5:

Create a reference plane

Step 6:

Flow the star onto the sphere using the flow along surface tool

Step 7:

Mirror the star to create a back

Step 8:

Create a torus for a hanging ring

Step 9:

Export as .STL

Step 10:


Step 11:

Dissolve the support material

Step 12:


3D Printed Ornament Design Challenge

First Prize in the
3D Printed Ornament Design Challenge