Introduction: Steampunk Submarine Egg

This is a steampunk version of a submarine using egg shell in which you can secretly store tiny objects!!

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

an egg

a pair of scissors

acrylic colours (metallic shades like silver,copper etc)


tissue papers


mount board (or card board) 6cm X 6cm

a sheet of paper

a rubberband




needle (or a pin)

Step 2: Cutting an Egg

- Pierce the top of the egg using a needle or a safety pin

- Do the same to the opposite side of the egg and blow out the contents of the egg out and dry out the egg


- Now take a rubber band and tie it around the egg as shown and using a pencil line around the egg along the

rubber band and cut it using a small pair of scissors or a blade

Step 3: Painting the Egg

- Make a dilute solution of glue using water and cover the egg with tissue using the glue solution

- Let the egg dry for few hours and add another layer of glue on the egg both the inner and the outer surface of

the egg and let it dry for few more hours

- Now paint the egg with any metallic acrylic paints and set aside to dry

Step 4: Making the Other Parts of the Submarine

- Now in a sheet of paper draw 3 circles of 0.8cm diameter and cut them

- Take a straw and it into 3 pieces each of length 0.4cm and glue them on the circle pieces and paint them

- Cut another piece of 1cm X 5cm paper and 2 circles of diameter 1.5cm with 4 small triangles at the corners of

the 2 circle pieces and glue them to form a cylinder

- Make small pieces of clay and stick them to the paper cylinder in the above step and paint it with metallic colours

Step 5: Assembling the Parts

- Cut 2 strips of paper and paint them with metallic colour and glue them as shown to the 2 halves of the egg

- Cut another longer strip of paper to cover the cut out portion of the egg by sticking the paper strip to one half of

the egg

Step 6: Adding Details

- Take the mount board piece and 4 pieces and paint them as shown in the first picture and set them aside to dry

- Take a piece of straw of length 3cm and fold it as shown and glue the piece and then paint it after it dries

- Glue the pieces as shown in the picture

- Now take a small piece of straw about 0.7cm and a small piece of mount board and cut it shown and glue it to

the straw and paint it and stick it as shown

Step 7: The Secret Storage

- Now paint the inner surface of the egg halves and you're done

Now you can store any tiny objects in the egg!!

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