Introduction: Steampunk(ish) Wallet

hey guys! im back with my second(yay) i'ble.this time its for a wallet.i love formals like ties and a good leathjer wallet, but every once in awhile, its nice to have something fun and cool. at first i saw an ible for a wallet made from a potato crisps bag, and i was going to do it, but it didn't feel too original doing it that way, so i came up with this!

Step 1: Gather Materials(as Always)

1 a wallet

2 an old keyboard( i used a rubber flexible one)

3 selllotape

money (to put in ur wallet)

Step 2: Build!

open up the keyboard
you will find 3 layers of transparent stuff with line thingies all over.
keeping it in layers,cut out a rectangle slightly larger than the largest note in your country.stick it up with transparent tape on the 2shorter sides and one long side of your rectangle.
fold the tape over to the back and stick it down so that your layered rectangle is closed from 3 sides
fold it down the center so that the 2 short sides of rectangle meet. put your money in and go spend it!

Step 3: Sorry

m sorry I didn't take photozz

Step 4: