Introduction: Stereoscope

This costume uses a stethoscope as a microphone.  It adds a nice muffled sound to the voice that varies as you move the stethoscope head around your throat. 

I made multiples of these and used them for a group performance with Christina Georgiou. We invited people to wear one of three styles of costumes (the stereoscope being one) Christina conducted the participants by giving them rhythms and patterns to follow.

We performed this at the Friend_ship performance art festival - for further info check their site.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry to ruin things for you here, but that is not a "stereoscope". A stereoscope is to do with 3D imaging. Stereo means essentially two things working together, such speakers making different sounds that work with each other, or your eyes perceiving depth from two similar but different images.

    Lovely invention though :D


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah Stereoscope is just a working name for the piece within the performance project it was part of. It is not claiming to be such a device. I just had to call it something and as it was a mix of a stethoscope and had a speaker (colloquially a stereo - even if it is mono) I mashed the two words together...