Introduction: Streering Game Wheel

About: i am from India,my main goal is to make an d.i.y projects for myself without much spending money hehe :) and i m doing mechanical engineering (degree) that's it

hi everyone ...have you ever want to play racing games with steering wheel but dont have enough buck or money in your pocket ,

then here your chance ,to play endless without spending 1$,

and how's it possible .let's see

so here is the instructable ..

Step 1: First Step

collect the required thing

1.cardboard tape

3.marker glue gun or (fevi- kewik)

5 .well a short table for mounting

6.and most important

jd sim wheel .application and server for phone and pc resp.

Step 2: Build the Steering Wheel

use old marker for steering rod

and one end of marker should fix

with hot glue gun to steering wheel

Step 3: Cut the Unsketched Area

cut down the area .which is unsketched.or unmark

to make it more realistic and coated it with black tape

and the kept centre area empty as shown in pic.

in the centre area u install ur mobile phone

with double sided tape

Step 4: Its Look Like This When It Complete

but now the main component .is to be install

i mean software

use this link .to install jd sim wheel simulation app for mobile

i personally recommended u to install

JD simwheel v3.apk

JD SIMwheel v3,server.exe


Step 5: And Here Your Personal Game Wheel ....enjoy ;)