Introduction: Street Surfboard

For a long time i been doing skimboarding and some surfing but skateboarding was a thing i never give a try ,i always wanna build a skateboard but i never had the time .

All this started when i wanted something that rides like a skimboard or a surfboard ,something with instant turns . yes, there is what it's called waveboard with just 2 wheels to give that sensation ,but i am not that person who buys some thing before trying building it.

so ,after 5 mins of thinking and i really mean it 5 mins, i got this incredible idea, just with few stuff ,no special pieces ,no complicated building.

this instructable is not about an ordinary skateboard ........o yeah!!

first when i come up with the idea, i didn't know how could i ride it ,but i knew i will learn it the hard way. After some web search i find out that this concept is already in use , so it's not an innovation

Step 1: The Conception

how it works:

when you push down one side of the board the the angled pieces forces the Caster wheels to turn ,and as they are facing each other they turn in such away that makes you do super tight turns.

This is not an exact science every dimension is approximative including the triangular pieces. Its just to give you an idea of the dimensions, it really depends on what you have, so feel free to experiment

Step 2: Equipment

-Wood cutting hand saw

-Metal cutting hand saw

-Drill press (you can use a hand drill but it's its kinda tricky)

-4 mm drill bit for pilot holes

-7 mm drill bit

-Counter-bore mill

-Flat or triangular hand File

-Tow 10 mm wrenches or a wrench and a wrench socket

-13mm wrench

-pair of scissors

-Wood glue and some sandpaper

Step 3: Parts & Material

-2 Caster wheels with bearing

-An old bicycle inner tube

-8 of 7x70mm hex bolts with its 8 nuts

-550x130x10mm piece of pallet wood ,choose a best piece , a solid one with no cracks or weak areas

-45x45mm and approximately 100m in length , also from pallet

Don't buy plastic caster wheels they will break under the weight

I really don't know how much this will cost you but it's not expensive

Step 4: Cutting the Triangular Pieces

All the dimensions of this pieces depends on the wheels you got, so feel free to experiment. Just make the board lower as possible as you can by widening the triangular pieces angle and be aware to not make it too low until it grinds to the ground when you make a turn.

  1. Draw 2 triangles in the two opposite faces of the 45x45mm wood and link them as in the pictures
  2. Start cutting with the wood cutting hand saw the first triangular piece by following the hypotenuse then cut the other
  3. Sand those pieces against a flat area to remove gapes
  4. Mark a center line in each piece and clamp them from one side so you can cut them in half

Step 5: Cutting and Preparing the Board

  1. Mark a center line then draw how do you want the tail and the nose,
  2. With the wood cutting hand saw , cut the wood around the drawing you made until you get close enough to it
  3. Sand it with sanding paper to its final shape
  4. Now if the board have curved sides, face them down and mark where you want the triangular pieces to be fixed,
  5. Use sand paper with a piece of square wood and sand the areas between the lines you marked until they become flat .

Step 6: Gluing the Board With the Triangular Pieces

    1. Put the triangular pieces in the flat prepared areas then take a caster wheel and use it to help position those triangular pieces in there exact location, and then mark around them with a pen

    2. Secure the triangular pieces in place with glue

    3. Put some weight on them , i couldn't think of something heavier than Microwave oven transformers, and i have a couple laying around

    4. Let the glue cure for some time and go to the next step

    Step 7: Preparing the Caster Wheels

    1. With the two 10 mm wrenches remove the wheel axle , just hold the axle head from rotating with one wrench and turn the nut with the other ,
    2. Take the flat file , chamfer the edges and remove any sharp edges from where the inner bike tube pieces will be placed
    3. Cut 4 pieces of the inner bike tube , and place them in every yoke ,that gives them more stability and prevent the rear wheel from turning if it hits an obstacle .
    4. Put back the caster wheels and make sure they are well tighten

    You may notice in the pictures i put more than 2 inner bike tube pieces,well, that made it too hard to turn , so stick with just 2 pieces per yoke

    Step 8: The Drilling

    1. Mark the bolts's holes location with the help of a caster wheel

    2. Drill pilot holes with the 4 mm drill bit , and make sure they are in the right angle (i drilled them, by eye)

    3. Now drill the bolts's holes with the 7 mm drill bit

    I rushed the drilling ,and i missed the exact location of the pilot holes and i ended up with two holes ,so check everything twice,and take it easy with the wood

    Step 9: Counter Boring

    1. Clamp the board in the right angle or dust hold it like i did
    2. With the counterbore mill ,make counterbores for the bolts heads ,i dont have the right diameter , i just remover wood from the edges of the holes until the bolts's heads sets right

    You can see in the picture what the small mistake became

    Step 10: Trimming the Bolts & Final Assembly

    1. now assemble the wheels with the deck
    2. mark the bolts excess length and cut it with the metal cutting hand saw, don't forget to screw a nut onto the bolt so that it will be between the bolt head and the cut ,so you can restore the defective thread
    3. assemble everything together ,tighten the nuts with the 13mm wrench ,the bolt's head and the counterbore frection is supposed to prevent the bolt from rotating while you tighten it

    Step 11: Future Mods

    1. adding a piece of wood to protect the rear wheel and work as a brake
    2. replace the wheels with skateboard ones so i can make tight turns , those caster wheels don't have enough grip, and they are so noisy
    3. lowering the deck, by making new lower axle holes -
    4. adding some lock washers to make sure the bolts stay tight

    okay, i said at first, it's gonna be hard to ride it but i was wrong,i am surprised how easy it is

    P.S : English is not my native language ,so i hope i been clear enough .if you have any questions pleas feel free to ask.


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