Introduction: Super Eazy and Enviromentaly Freindly Bike Tire Water Purification

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Imagine youre riding youre bike far out there, way away from civilization youre bike breaks and youre stranded. Just as the cowboys canibalized their hourses you must canabalis youre bike.

Step 1: Material's

(1) bike tube
(1) pocket knife 
some fine sand
a handfull of ash
some pebbles
some fishing line
be sure to cleanit out in a water source.

Step 2: Folding

fold like so....

Step 3: Make a Cut

cut a small hole in the side so it goes through both sides just big enough for fishing line. tie it tight even add a couple more knots.

Step 4: Pebbles

add the small rocks or pebbles first so it will catch the sand so it wont fall out and use about a handfull.

Step 5: Add Sand

Be sure to get some fine sand and  just a little bit fill it up at least an inch past the pebbles

Step 6: Add Ash

take ash from fire pit. ash is micro small and can filter out any parasites.

Step 7: Add the Handle

lay it flat and cut through both sides thens tie the est of the fishing line to one end and then the other end. tis can be used to tie it to a branch to let you hold the water container as you pour into the purifier.

Step 8: Handle Done

the handle should help a lot.

Step 9: Delicious!

congratulations! you have ceated a water purifier! but run some water in it before you drink it until it starts coming out clear. ;) when made correctly you to can have the cleanest water in the mountains your'e stranded in!
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