Introduction: Suprisingly Hard Shooting Bic Pen Gun

Turn a rubber band and a regular bic pen into a pretty hard shooting gun. 

all you will need

a bic pen
small rubber band

Step 1: Cuttin

1. take apart the bic pen by removing the ink from the tube and pull off the cap from the tube.
2. cut the ink tube on the opposite side you write on. cut about a quater inch in and sepperate the 2 sides w// your teeth
it should look like the 2nd pic

Step 2: Cuttin Again

now cut the outside tube just like you cut the ink tube & sepperate it a little w// your teeth

be sure to cut off the apped side w// your siccors

Step 3: Rubber Bandin

now is the hard part . hook the rubberband to the ink tube at the part that we cut. then push the pen w// the rubber band connected into the tube far enough so only about half an inch is sticking out. now hook the rubber band on the bic tube like in the pic