Introduction: Survival Bag

About: Write poetry and play the guitar

pick a medium mag to pack your materials

Step 1:

get a book that will have survival tips and important information of surviving tough situations

Step 2: Bottle

pack any type of bottle that will hold water that u can refill

Step 3: Bag

u want to pick a bag that is not to big or to small

a bag that is somewhere in the middle to hold enough materials and food that u can grab quickly without being weighted down.

Step 4: Music, Mask, Box Cutter

in case of smoke or fumes it is best to have a mask

a box cutter in case u need to cut something

headphones for a small radio or mp3 player

Step 5: Food

pack a can opener for non perishable food that does not need to be cooked

pack pouches of tuna, salmon, chicken

one spoon


apple sauce

milk that doesn't need to be in the fridge

small boxes of milk u can fit into a lunch box that u find on the shelves in the store

Step 6: Undergarments

u can not pack your whole closet but u can pack at least 2 to 3 pairs of underwear

a foldable hanger

a cami or tank tops

ankle socks

Step 7: Bandages

sterile wipes and different size bandages for any cut

and a cloth in case u need to wrap a arm or leg up

Step 8: Reading Materials

pencils, pen, small booklets, notbook

mini flashlight and mini fm radio on batteries

AA and AAA batteries

Step 9: Care Items

mini shampoos, tooth brush, soap, body wash, toothpaste, lotion

Step 10: