Introduction: Survival Hatchet

in this instructable you will learn how to make a hatchet that could save your life in a survival situation. it could chop small trees for a shelter, it could make firewood, extremely useful. i hope you like it!

Step 1: Materials

the materials you will need in this project is all stuff you can find in the woods. 

1. A good, strong short stick
2. some cord (any cord works fine)
3. a strong sharp rock

1. another hard rock
2. a knife (optional, but very helpful.)

Step 2:

in this step, what you want to do is split the wood , not all the way, but to about the middle. you can do this any way you want. i used a sharp rock and pounded it down.
the next thing you will do is tie some cord around the end of the split. (see picture.)

Step 3:

take your stone you are using as the head and push it into the split. make sure it is lodged in there. it should be very tight. then take some cord and tie the top, tight.

Step 4:

use the rest of the cord to haft the head with a repeating x pattern. it has to be super tight. tie off the end in any way you want. look at my knot if you want to.

Step 5:

now you have a survival hatchet! you can chop small trees. the other end also works as a hammer. feel free to customize or add a grip!

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