Introduction: Survival Ski Pole

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Skiing is lots of fun, getting lost on the slopes isn't. Even when you're skiing within the boundaries it's a good idea to plan ahead in case of an emergency. The survival ski pole addresses some of the most basic survival needs, like fire and first aid, all conveniently located inside the hollow of your ski pole.

You can easily change the contents of your survival kit inside your ski poles to suit your specific needs, and replenish the supplies if you happen to use them. Since there are 2 ski poles you can either fill both with survival items, or make a Gentleman's Ski Pole from one and enjoy your favourite beverage on the chairlift.

Step 1: Remove Ski Pole Handles

Almost all ski poles are hollow, and the handles are typically friction fitted on the top. With a little effort I was able to pull the handle from these ski poles. If you can't get your handle off try submerging the handle in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes to warm the plastic, then wrap the handle in a towel and try removing from the pole.

Using calipers measure the interior diameter, these poles were roughly 0.5" and tapered to a point about 3/4 of the way down. Plenty of room to store all kinds of goodies. All the survival gear will need to be smaller than this interior diameter.

Step 2: Measure Accessories

Using calipers measure your survival accessories. If they are larger than the diameter of your ski pole then they'll need to be trimmed to fit.

With a fine tip marker I noted where I would need to trim the accessories.

Step 3: Trim, Trim, Trim

Using a saw I cut off excess plastic on several components in order to fit inside the ski pole. I then used sandpaper to round of edges and burrs, and ensure a good fit.

Step 4: Roll Your Accessories

For smaller accessories, they can be combined and rolled together.

I sorted my survival accessories into groups and packaged them together. For example, the fishing line, fish hooks, weights and bobbers, were all grouped and packed in a small resealable plastic bag - Bandages, sanitizing wipes, and ointment were grouped and put in another resealable bag.

A long piece of paracord was placed on top of the plastic bag, then the plastic bags were rolled tightly and sealed with tape. The end of the paracord was taped in place so it was anchored to the bag.

Step 5: Insert Accessories Into Pole

With all the accessories packaged they are ready to be put inside the pole. The larger plastic bags were pushed into the pole opening first, then the smaller elements were stacked on top. The remaining paracord was coiled and inserted into the pole.

Step 6: Make Opening in Handle

A small opening was drilled into the handle that goes through the cavity where the top of the pole is inserted and out the top. The paracord will be threaded through this hole and tied off when the pole is inserted.

Step 7: Tie Off Paracord

Push the end of the paracord from the stuffed ski pole into the ski pole handle and through the drilled opening. Any loose paracord is stuffed into the handle, then the handle was fit back onto the pole. Tie a knot on the paracord that is sticking out from the handle. Your pole is now primed and ready for an emergency.

Step 8: Trim Cord From Handle

The excess paracord is trimmed from the handle, the frayed end was sealed with a lighter to hold the knot in place and prevent the paracord from unraveling.

Step 9: Pull Handle in Case of Emergency

Your survival ski pole is ready to deploy all the essentials in case of an emergency. Simply twist off the ski pole handle and the paracord will pull out all the supplies.

With this survival ski pole in one hand, and the Gentleman's Ski Pole
in the other, you've got all scenarios covered.

Be safe out there, snow-bound survivalist!

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