Introduction: Survival Tools in IPhone Box

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This is a survival tool kit that for a short term could help you in some situations. As many people today have smart phones, many iphones, many survival items could fit in such a small convenient case.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You can chhose whatever you desire. These are the things i put in. Think small and multiple uses to get the most. Many of these items, with some creativity could be used many ways. If I could add more i would put in some butane, some tape (duct tape holds the world together), some fishing hooks, a needle, airline tubing, water purification tablets, a bandana, and a compass. Depending on your trip you could add hand warmers as well, really just add the basics and look for what works.

Step 2: Pack Them In

Fit them in so they all fit. Keep in mind if any of you ever bagged grocerys dont damage anything. For example if you jaw the top on and a fish hook pops a bag of lighter fluid ect it could make the kit usless. Also wrap this in something somewhat water proof.

Step 3: Be Smart, Be Safe.

Please do not depend on this kit for your survival for their is no way to support your life on this. Bring saftey equipment when in harms way, bring water, bring food and if you are in survival mode stay calm. I am not responsible for anything that happens to you when making or using this kit. Remember your best tool is your knowledge! Stay safe! :)

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