Introduction: Switchable Halloween Costumes: L and Light From Deathnote

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Deathnote is a wildly popular anime and manga that has gotten an enourmous fan base in recent years. It just came to America not to long ago, but subbed versions have been watched online for much longer. I love it and these are costumes of the two most important and beloved characters.

Step 1: Materials

loose comfortable pants(preffered) or pajama bottoms
loose comfortable shirt(preferably white w/ long sleeves)
Black messy medium-length wig (very optional, very cool)
eyeliner/extreme sleep defficiency(optional/unhealthy)
try not to but if you wear shoes they must not be formal and do not wear socks ever
being L is mostly about looking like a tired slacker genius

Light a.k.a.Kira:
never wear denim anything if at all possible
use the gel to keep hair strait, wigs are hard to find(die light brown if you want)
for the deathnote notebook (can be made or bought) there is a good 'ible by animenerd that will provide good backround
it is a huge longshot but you can by scythes online that look amazing but only appear on cover art, probaly will invest in a cosplay if you take it that far
being Light is about looking like a secret evil genius sociopathic nerd

1. Generic version

white dress shirt
formal black pants
formal shoes
buisiness tie
hair gel

2. proper version 1

white dress shirt
brown suit jacket
brown slacks
formal shoes
red tie
hair gel

3. proper version 2

white dress shirt
black suit jacket
black slacks
formal shoes
hair gel

4. proper version 3

black tight long sleeve sweater with or without white lining
dark slacks
dark shoes
hair gel

Step 2: Attitude and Habits

sit on your feet with knees near chest (even when in chairs)
eat a lot of suger
look tired
be thoughtful, analytical, and insightful
nibble the tip of one of your thumbs
talk in a calm accurate way
always be level headed, except in extreme circumstances

sit upright, cross your legs if you want
be direct and professional
be prone to ocasional spurts of emotion and passion(light is amazingly good at faking these, it hides hides his being a sociopathic freak)but be otherwise bland
just be perfect...a little too perfect

Step 3: "switchable" Part

this is not super important or practical but you can wear the lighter L costume under the heavier Light costume. I thought it was a good idea

well there you go