Introduction: Swivel Clutter Basket From an Ordinary Ikea Table, a Plastic Basket and a Few Items

Hi Folks,

I'm posting my first instructable, please be nice :]

It's a pain when moving homes and you have been used to
having a good table for your laptop and stuff. But
not everything is within provisions, so you have to
improvise. I needed a good table for computer and
prices are a bit high for these kind of furnitures.
The best sturdy table I could find that was within my
budget was this white ikea table, that's about 2ftX4ft
and a good 3ft above ground. The only problem was it's
just a bare simple table, and when i got my things
sorted out in the new room, i just couldn't stand the
clutter they made. So i came across this japanese based
home shop called Daiso (i believe it's all over asia),
where everything they sell is at 2$ a piece, my head
got running with all sort of ideas on how to modify
the table. So with a simple basket, and a few screws and
bolts, and a small wooden block, I came up with this.


table with screws underneath (or a place to put screws)
angle bar with holes, (daiso, 2$)
small wooden block (daiso, 2$)
small to mid sized basket (daiso, 2$)
screws, bolts, washers set (daiso, 2$)
screw driver

I can only find this pic of the instruction for assembling
the table. Notice that the underside is connected through

Actual picture of the screws from the underside of the table.
I had one of the screws removed for viewing. This will be
where the basket would be connected through an angle bar,
and will allow it to swivel.

the third pic shows the angle bar, and wooden block screwed
together with one side of the basket in between them.

closer look at how the basket, wooden block and angle bar,
are positioned with one end of the angle bar on top of the
basket pointing away. Notice that this end has holes which
will connect with the table through that one screw from the

a closer look at how the screw is holding together the basket,
angle bar, and wooden block. i added a washer to make it
hold to the plastic basket.

final look at the screw which i removed from the table, and added
a washer. the angle bar would then be sandwiched between the
washer and the table. The washer would help the swivel action
and not make it too tight.

basket in place, with most of the cluttered wires inside. You can
position the basket anywhere as the screws are strong enough
to hold the basket and all.

Thanks for reading :]