Tee Slot Bolts for Table Saw and Router Jigs

Introduction: Tee Slot Bolts for Table Saw and Router Jigs

Make your own simple, inexpensive tee slot bolts for table saw and router jigs.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

flat file
mini files
bench grinder (optional)
fine emery paper

6mm x 50mm coach bolts
6mm x 25mm washers

Step 2: Square Holes in Washers

Using mini files square off holes in washers until they fit over the square shoulder on the head of the coach bolt. Chamfer one side of the square hole, so that it fits absolutely flush to the head of the bolt.

Step 3: Fit Washers to Tee Track

File or grind two opposite sides of the washers flat, until they slide snugly into the tee track.

Step 4: Flatten Dome of Coach Bolts

File or grind off the dome of the coach bolts until about 1mm thick. There is a slight flat on the sides of the heads that are a good reference.

Step 5: Test Fitting

Fit washers onto coach bolts and test fit in tee track. It may be necessary to file a few thou more from the coach bolt heads. Aim for a snug but smooth fit.

Step 6: Assemble Tee Bolts

Super glue washers to coach bolts, taking care to keep the chamfer the right way round. Polish all edges with fine emery paper until they glide in the tee track.


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    4 years ago

    This is a terrific idea. Thanks! I will likely use it.

    In my experience, epoxy is a better choice for "glue". It has far better gap filling ability. Well worth the extra bit of bother to mix it up.