Introduction: Tennessee Music Box{ Old Style Mountain Dulcimer }

Found an image of an old dulcimer unlike any modern one i'd ever seen , i just had to go ahead and make one.I emptied my old wooden pencil box to use as the sound board , broke up an old rickety cupboard out of my shed and made a start.
A friend introduced to me to a fret calculator he found on the stewmac website and i was away. I put the relevant scale length in and the number of frets and in seconds there it was ,awesome.
i then ordered a foot of medium stainless fret wire cost me £3.20,[ ONLY COST INCURRED THROUGH  THE WHOLE BUILD SO FAR}

Its really great making this instrument , I'll upload more photos as i go i ll keep you all updated the scale of the music box is 17 inches . the box is 15 inches by 8.5 inches . 

The carved easter island piece is what is used to fret the instrument and traditionally the quill from a goose feather with all the feathers removed is used to strum the strings, I'm currently trying to find one ,hopefully i won't have to catch a goose to take one