Introduction: The 1 Hr Bench From Recycled Materials

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I'm a repurposer from way back, my maternal grandfather repurposed materials from job sites into a vacation house at the Jersey shore, my paternal grandfather was the same way. People will throw away the most amazing stuff, I mine it from the curb and turn it into cash or other usable stuff that can then be put to use as in this case or turned into cash

Step 1: Materials

Every thing you see in the picture was rescued from the curb, yes even the cordless screwdriver with its charger AND a full box of screws

Step 2: Getting Started

I'm not the type to draw up detailed plans, I figured the one large plank would make a good work surface and most of the wood was about 4' long but there was one that was shorter and about the right height to be comfortable for me. I didn't want to screw into the large plank so I decided on a cradle type of system. I took one shorter 2x4 and held it against the plank to measure and mark the width I wanted then cut it and repeated/ I then took the "leg" that was the height I liked and measured the other 3 "legs" and cut them

Step 3: Build It

I laid the large plank on its top and placed the short piece of 2x4 across it, then holding a leg in place so the "bottom" was level with the future table "top" I predrilled 2 holes then drove in screws and repeated that 4x.. I realized I had miscalculated the amount of 2x4 I had so back to the scrap pile and found some approximately 1x2" pieces I cut 2 pieces to act as spreaders between the legs and 2 slightly longer as supports for the plywood shelf, using a scrap of the right height to get the spreaders about level and the supports at about the right height ( I was working off the driveway and this will be used on the driveway so level is comparative) I then added the shelf and toe nailed the screws.  The best way to predrill for toe nailing is to hold the drill straight up and down to start then tilt it back and drill the hole.

Step 4: Its Starting to Rain!

It started to rain so I didn't get to add any diagonal supports but its already sturdy even with out the top being attached and its to heavy for me to flip by myself to attach the wheels . There you go, in just about an hour and using all recycled materials I have a sturdy work bench that should last for quite some time.. the Barbie trike... needed a battery

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