The 3 in 1 Giantic Lofbed

Introduction: The 3 in 1 Giantic Lofbed

hi there this the gigantic loftbed we billed for my girls and their over night friends and cousins its a 9/6 ft gigantic bed i wanted to enter the intractables contest so badly that i published it in making condition so u can see the mess sorry for that and asa its finished ill update it

Step 1: Cleaning and Billding

1-first we cleaned and painted the space needed it was a small room with 2 Ikea bunk beds and storage under it then we made holes in the wall for the 3/4 lumber 3of them in line and nailed them with 4-1/2 inc. steel nails then i painted the underneath of the bed coz it gona be my workspace and the walk in closet

Step 2: Nailing and Fixing

2-we add a16in plywood to the lumbers and nailed them and billed a shelf unit and painted it in purple and hade a break with crock pot spicy chicken yammmm

Step 3: 3-4-and 5

3- billed a shelf unit in pink and purple 4-billed stares and add an a3/4 lumber under the bed for sport and also add a anther 2 shelf units one under the bed for more sport and used as a divider for the walk in closet and the 2nd in font as another room divider and will make a closet wall ill add the door later 5-a rail for safety idid a fast explanation and will be adding the details later so in my mature-mints itll stand tall for as long its needs id say abut 10 / 15 years inshallah hop u agree with it and thanx for the look .

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    hhhhh for mistakes i make right ?
    its both urdu and arabic im from the uae dubai