Introduction: the Electric Eel

This lesson was created for my preschool students. To learn about the letter E I first sounded out how an E sounds like and a short E sound. Then I told the students words that begin with the letter E. Electric and eel were the topic. So to make a hands on project for my preschoolers I came up with this lesson. Plus it moves a each student can turn it on and off and see how an eel moves.


You will need:

1 pool noodle, battery powered toothbrush; purchased from Dollar tree, box cutter, one piece of aluminum foil, tape and two coloring sheets o

Step 1: Color the Eel

First make your students color two copies of the eel, use brown and black crayons.

Step 2: Cut Out the Eels

Next cut out the two copies of eels. Put on side.

Step 3: Pool Noodle

Third step, Take your noodle and cut it the size of the toothbrush.

Step 4: Insertion

Put the toothbrush in the noodle, make sure battery went in bottom of the tooth brush. Make sure it turns on.

Step 5: Add Foil

In first picture your noodle should look like this, next roll the piece of foil around the noodle. Do not cover switch on bottom.

Step 6: Final Step

Take one cutout of eel and tape to foil. Do the same with the other cutout and tape on other side. Turn switch on and watch the eel go. My preschoolers screamed and were happy about their creation.

In this lesson I wanted to do a small robotic type craft with my preschoolers. So in order to give them a visual that they can touch and turn on , I accomplished the letter E as an Electric Eel.

Step 7: