Introduction: The Irish Breakfast (Adult Beverage)

A Irish breakfast is a alcoholic drink of wonderfulness that is normally drank as a shot but I like mine as a cocktail.
Imagine a big hearty breakfast and you are down to your last piece of bacon and a golden puddle of maple syrup. You reach for your last piece of bacon with anticipation, merriment and satisfaction. As your fingertips touch that crisp greasy strip a moment of dread washes over you, for you know that is your last piece of bacon in the house. As fast as that thought comes it goes for knowing the grocery store down the street has more and you procede to collect as much sweet maple syrup as you can get to stick to your last piece of bacon. then in a few glorious bites your bacon is at last gone.
This drink is alot like that experience.

Step 1: The Irish Breakfast

First off if you are not old enough to drink yet you will just have to settle for a good old piece of bacon drowned in maple syrup.
If you are of the age to enjoy a liquid breakfast at any time of day congrats.

The ingredients:
Thick cut bacon
Orange juice
Butterscotch Schnapps

Step 2: The Irish Breakfast

Cook your bacon till it is crisp enough to be used as a stir stick.
1 part Orange juice
1 part Schnapps
1 parts Jameson (I like mine with 2 parts Jameson.... just go with what you feel). after your bacon is ready insert your stir stick in the drink let it sit for a moment and enjoy.

Step 3: The Alternative - Irish Breakfast Shot

This is the shot variant 1
In glass #1
2 parts Jameson
1 part Butterscotch schnapps
In glass #2
Orange juice with a strip of bacon as a chaser

shooter variant 2
Glass #1
2 parts Jameson
1 part Butterscotch Schnapps
Glass #2
orange juice

Drop glass #1 into glass #2 and drink.....

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