Introduction: The S4 - a New Type of Bolt Action

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hey guys ! i've finally gotten round to perfecting my S4. it's been lying around for a long time now, having quite a few problems that i wasn't sure how to fix. i had an idea for one of the problems, but that would mean completely remaking the whole receiver area, which is by far the most complicated part, and it would probably lead to other problems as well that i had already fixed before. so i was lazy about doing it and i didn't have all that much time anyway, but i've recently had a lot of time, and i used it to try to see if there is a simpler solution for my problems (i just know you can insert some sort of joke over here, but i won't). the biggest problem was that it didn't always load so smoothly, and would often jam while loading, which wasn't an option. a few other problems included:
it was hard to load because there was a lot of friction on the loading plate.
the magazine was quite hard to insert.
the trigger was giving me a lot of problems.
i found a solution for all of those problems, and i am now very happy with the gun. as promised (it took a little longer than i expected, but it's here now), it's posted. now go build it.

sorry for the blur in some of the pictures, it just takes too long to upload the pics from a normal camera, so i use my ipod instead, which is about 1/10 of the size. you can still manage quite well.

remember to check out my slideshow 'ible here.

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Step 1: BALLS !

i'm just gonna leave this step empty because of the horrific new display that requires you to see all the pictures at once, making it very annoying to go down to the comments. also, a quick reminder to read EVERY image note.

Step 2: The Gun

in this step you will build the entire gun. have fun lol.

Step 3: The Magazine

make yourself a magazine or a few so you can actually use the gun. my magazine can hold 15 rounds. if you make a bigger or smaller magazine, just know that each connector you add or take off is worth 6 bullets. so if, for example, you make the mag 1 connector shorter, it will have a capacity of 9 rounds.