Introduction: The Alcohol Stove of SUPERIORITY!!!!!

this is a super easy and cheap stove that runs on ethanol alcohol(the cleaing kind.)
it is a penny stove cause you cover the big hole with a penny. it is good at cooking food in a pan and boiling water. this is my first instructable. enjoy!(sorry for blurry pics.)

Step 1: Materials

what you need is:

2 soda cans





altoid tin

Step 2: Make Marks

put the sharpie on the altoid tin and draw a circle around the bottom of the can. ths will be the line you cut.

Step 3: Cut

cut along the line you made. do it on both cans.

Step 4: Cut a Notch

cut a notch to the can you want on the bottom to help it fit in the top.

Step 5: Punch Holes in the Top

mark 8 holes with a sharpie around the top and punch them in with the tack. using a nail, hammer a hole in the middle of the top piece.

Step 6: Put the Bottom on the Top

the title says it all. you may have to wrestle with it a little.

Step 7: Put a Penny on Top

agian, title says it all.

Step 8: Your Done!!!!

to light it, get a tin can and cut off the bottom half. keep it. pour some alcohol in the bottom off it just enough to lightly coat the bottom. take off the penny. pour more alcohol in the stove  to fill it with out it coming out of the middle hole. put the penny back on and light the alcohol in the tin. cut the tin so the stove is a quarter of the way out. wait for the flames to die down then cook some stuff!